It’s more than a candle flame

With over 19 years of candle making experience.
We offer both Japanese and Korean professional candle certificate courses, as well as numberous leisure candle classes for individual, group or corporate activity. Personalize candle products for corporates or events are available.

Certificate Courses 證書課程

All certificates are issued by respective candle association in Korea and Japan. These are instructor certificates, which means that students will be qualified to offer the same certificate course upon completion. Certificate courses ranges from 4 to 30 hours approximately. Most of them are available in zoom (origin: Hong Kong).

Non Certificate Courses/One Day Courses/Hobby Classes 興趣班/設計蠟燭/系列課程

Whether for leisure or to skill up, we offer a variety of candle courses range from 2 hours to one day, with different levels of difficulty and styles.

Corporate 公司合作

Looking for something different for your staff and clients? We provide one of a kind candle-making experience with a wide selection of candle products for company events or staff activities. Even more? We offer tailor-made (branded) candles or aroma products as company gifts.

Online Shop 網店

One stop shop for all aroma candles and and candle making supplies. Find finished candles, waxes, wick, fragrance oils, molds, tools & more.


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