About Us

Jello Candle is founded in 2003 by Janette in Canada, we have spent the last 20 years refining our craft and exploring new techniques. We continue to be amazed by the sensory, emotional and physical benefits of lighting candles and how they can transform a space into a sanctuary, and are excited to be able to share this knowledge and passion for the art form with you.

Jello Candle specializes in hand poured aroma candles and Japanese and Korean design candle making; a new trend everyone loves. Design candle making involves creating beautiful works of art from the wax, and we are the first to offer professional candle certificate courses on behalf of a number of internationally recognized Japanese and Korean Candle Associations. You can see some of my masterpieces and get inspired on our Instagram and YouTube channels.

Spending time with wax, colors and incredible fragrances whilst creating something you love and enjoy calms the mind and lifts spirits. We experience and advocate the fun, rewarding and therapeutic benefits of not just lighting, but creating beautiful candles for yourself and your loved ones to appreciate. We welcome guests to visit our extensive online galleries, YouTube videos and Instagram and encourage all to discover the powerful, yet soft and positive energy candles and candle making can have on your life.

Jello Candle 於 2003 年由 Janette 在加拿大創立。憑藉多年的蠟燭製作經驗和對西方蠟燭市場的豐富知識,Janette近年來開始專注於設計蠟燭,尤其是日本和韓國風格。現時提供多個不同的日韓專業蠟燭證書課程。


Our Qualifications:

  • JCA 日本蠟燭協會認證講師 | Japan Candle Association Candle Artist & Instructor
  • KCCA 韓國香薰蠟燭導師 | Korean Candle Craft Association Candle Instructor
  • Hastable 韓國蠟燭導師 | Hastable Candle Instructor
  • CLAB 韓國蠟燭導師 | CLAB Candle Instructor
  • ICDRS 韓國蠟燭導師 | ICDRS Candle Instructor
  • KNDA 韓國大豆蠟燭導師 | Korean Natural Design Association Instructor
  • AFS Aroma Fragrance Stone Instructor アロマフレグランスストーン協会認定講師
  • JHA Japan Herbarium Association Accredited Instructor 日本ハーバリウム協会認定講師
  • Draw by Ballare コース MakeYourDay校 修了
  • KCCA 韓國線香導師 | Korean Candle Craft Association Incense Instructor