Zoom Candle Courses 線上課程

A Hong Kong based candle teacher with over 20 years of experience. We are now offering different professional candle certificate courses and design candle classes (non certificate) by Zoom (English, Mandarin, Cantonese)

Please see below for the details of the candle courses, some of them are certificate courses and some are non-certificate (ie. single item/design candle).

香港導師擁有超過20年本地和海外蠟燭製作及售賣經驗,現提供多個不同的單個設計蠟燭,系列課程或韓國證書課程。以 Zoom 線上進行課程。詳情可按以下連結查詢。

Non Certificate Courses 非證書課程

Hand Kneaded Bakery Candles
Single Item/Design Candle

Season Candle Series
Mineral Candles Course

Certificate Courses (Beginner) 證書課程

Tokyo Candle Diploma [please message us for enquiry]
KCCA Aroma Candle Master Certificate
Daily Candle School
CLAB Candle Artist
CLAB Dessert Pack 1
Cutting Cake Candle
Special Candle Recipe Certificate

Certificate Courses (Beginner-Intermediate) 證書課程

KCCA Candle Artist
Hastable. Ceramic Candle
Hastable Garnish Dessert
Hastable Leather Candle
Hastable Paper Candle
ICDRS Food Styling Candle

Certificate Courses (Advance) 證書課程

Hastable Master Class
Candle CourseOriginCertificate Course FromLevel of DifficultyCandle TypesDurationNo. of Items
KCCA Aroma CandleKoreaKorean Candle Craft Association (KCCA)BeginnerPillar/ Container/ Special Object/ Candle Holder/ Aroma Plaster/ Diffuser/ Silicon Mold Making4 days28
KCCA Candle ArtistKoreaKorean Candle Craft Association (KCCA)Beginner-IntermediatePillar/ Special Object/ Carving/ Candle Holder/ Aroma Plaster/ Silicon Mold Making4 days28
CLAB Candle ArtistKoreaCraft & Design Lab (CLAB)BeginnerPillar/ Special Object/ Bakery/ Confectionery/ Silicon Mold Making4 days29
Hastable Master ClassKoreaHastableIntermediate-AdvancedPillar/ Special Object/ Cafe Dessert/ Garnish Dessert/ Aroma Plaster5 days28
Hastable Garnish DessertKoreaHastableIntermediateDesserts1 day4
Hastable Paper CandleKoreaHastable IntermediatePaper Products1 day4
Hastable Leather CandleKoreaHastable Intermediate Leather Products1 day4
CLAB BakeryKorea Craft & Design Lab (CLAB) BeginnerDesserts1 day4
ICDRSKoreaInternational Craft & Design ResearchBeginner-IntermediateBakery/Pastry1-2 days6+
Mineral CandlesJapannon certificateBeginner-Intermediate1 day6
Design CandlesJapan/
non certificateBeginner-Intermediate