Corporate 公司合作

Corporate activities

Aroma candles have been proven to lift mood, reduce stress and increase working capacity; our corporate candle making events are a chance for your hard working colleagues to try something new and get creative, and make an excellent team building experience!

We work regularly with businesses, colleagues, and teams and offer a unique opportunity for reflection, precision, and calm that is not normally experienced in the workplace.

Corporate gifts

Candles have long made wonderful gifts, at Jello Candles we create bespoke design candles and aroma products designed for your brand. Gifting in Japanese and Korean culture is very meaningful. We hope to inspire adoption of a more thoughtful gifting across the world, spreading gratitude and joy.

Traditionally, western corporate gifts tend to be uninspiring, low quality marketing tools. At Jello Candle we refuse to put our name on anything but the highest standard hand made products; our products and gifts represent who we are so we refuse to compromise on quality.

It’s been proven that aroma stimulates memory. When your clients light your bespoke gift candle, they will think of your brand. Our gift products are fully bespoke and designed around your brand, so your clients receive a meaningful and memorable gift that represents and nurtures your relationship.

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