Crackling Dual Wooden Wick .02 (Pack of 5) 美國木芯


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Crackling Dual Wooden Wick (5 pieces set include wick tab)

Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood. Made in USA.

  • .02 thickness
  • 15.2cm in length (M size) **special 6″ length**
  • wick tab included

Size reference (based on soy wax):

XS size: (width 0.64cm) Container with 2-4cm diameter
S size: (width 0.95cm) Container with 4-5cm diameter
M size (width 1.27cm): Container with 5-7cm diameter
L size (width 1.59cm):  Container with 6-9cm diameter
XL size (width 1.91cm): Container with 8-12cm diameter

Note: We recommend testing new wick sizes when making any modifications to existing candle recipes or making new candles. Burning characteristics can be altered by changes in wax, fragrance oil, dye, and/or additives, which could result in a different optimal wick size for the same diameter candle.

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S, M, XS


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